Mar 5, 2014

Trekking & Road Trip in Norway - Day 1 (Driving to the West Cost)

At last, the time had come for the road trip I had been thinking of for several years, a road and trekking trip to the west cost of Norway with breath taking mountain and fjord views and a scenery second to nowhere. The first step would be to get there though. 

So, a car trip started from Stockholm on the east cost of Sweden westwards. After a whole day of driving I was half way to my first destination and tired. The distance and the time it gets to drive is not proportional in Norway. The closer to the mountains you get, the lower the speed limit gets. The speed limit had decreased to 70 and 60 km/h the last couple of hours of driving. I found a camping place to overnight, Biristrand's camping, where you could either rent a cabin, set up your own tent or just sleep in your sleeping bag.

During the trip I had a driving break to drink some coffee by a lake, here it is:

Siegernes lake (Siegernessjoen), Norway

You can see a fullscreen 360 panorama of the place here:

The route of the first day:
The route of the first day

Here is the camping where I stayed at the first night.
A scene from the camping
A 360 panorama from this camping place is here:

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