May 30, 2013

Travel Diary Iran 2013 - Day 1 (Shiraz)

After a very long day's flight when arrived in the Shiraz airport at about 3am we discovered that my suitcase had been badly damaged during the transport. Filling the complaint form took more than one hour and we managed to get out of the airport just after 4am. At 5am we could unpack and 5:30 went to sleep. Most of the morning we were sleeping and first in the afternoon we could get out.

The first place to visit was the old bazar of shiraz "Bazar-e Vakil". I have visited this bazar several times during the last 30-40 years, it seems each time it has gone through huge changes. Went through the bazar and managed to make one panorama.

You can see it here ""

That day we could not visit more places and went back.

Travel Diary Iran 2013 (Flight to Iran)

At last I succeeded to make another travel to Iran and made some new images during the travel which I show here and the panoramas in The diary will go thru the trip day by day and I hope I can publish all the images in that order.

The trip went by flight via Istanbul to our destination Shiraz. We started our travel in the morning day 0 and arrived in Shiraz just before 3am day 1.