Sep 21, 2013

Travel Diary Iran 2013 - Day 10 (Bishapur)

After one night's sleep in Shiraz, we drove to the ancient city of Bi
shpur. The road was went mountains. Beautiful views and very warm.

After two hours driving we were at the ancient city. The modern road cuts the ancient city in two parts, the main part of the city is on the southern side of the road and the smaller part including the monumental rock reliefs on the northern side of the road.

Palace of the Bishapur City

Temple of the Anahita City
Corridor of the Temple
Rock Relief of King Shapur I's triple victory over Roman 3 armies/emperors
1. Emperor Gordian III killed during battle as dead under the king horse's hoofs
2. Emperor Philip kneeling in front of the king horse begging for his life
3. Emperor Valerian who was captured during war and held captive until dead