Aug 31, 2013

Travel Diary Iran 2013 - Day 9 (Esfahan)

We started this day with a visit to the Naqsh-e Jahan Square again to see in the day and it was beautiful in daylight too.

Now went and visited the monumental buildings around it, the Alighapoo Palace, the Masjed-d Shah and and Masjed-e Shek Lotfollah. All them were beautiful but the most impressive one was the Shah Mosque (Masjed-e Shah). This is a mosque worth seeing, there are three panoramas from this mosque and some other from the other buildings in at Esfahan gallery.

After the buildings and the square we headed to an old hamam (Aligholi agha), which is a museum now and then to the Shaking Minarets mosque (Monar Jonban) before leaving Esfahan for this time.

Panoramas from all the visited sites with interesting information about each sites can be seen at the back to Shiraz.

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