Jun 7, 2013

Travel Diary Iran 2013 - Day 6 (Yazd)

A full day in Yazd seeing unforgettable historical part of the Yazd city and a number old houses that had belonged to the upper class citizens and now converted to either hotels, museums, or faculties of the university.

Enchanting all adobe walls and houses with wooden doorways.

Although not summer yet, it was very hot during the day, 33-34°C (around 92°F) required a lot of water to hydrate.

We also visited the Dolatabad Garden, which is one of the nine gardens that are protected by the World Heritage as a representative example of the Persian Gardens. The other ones on display at stockholm360.net are the Bagh-e Eram Garden in Shiraz and the Chehel-Sotoun Garden in Esfahan.

Inside the Bagh-e Dolatabad Garden Pavilion with exquisite color glass works. Yazd is also known for its sweets and silk weaving, therefore we visited some shops and bought both silk and sweets.

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