Jun 7, 2013

Travel Diary Iran 2013 - Day 7 (Yazd - Isfahan)

After last days extensive and long day in Yazd we decided to leave Yazd for Esfahan today. So after breakfast we packed and left the hotel in Yazd for this time and visited some two more places before hitting the road. One of the places was the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd.

The road from Yazd to Esfahan passas just the edge of the desert revealing what is surrounding Yazd, bare sandy desert.

Afer 4 hours of driving the 320km of road we arrived in Esfahan at about 2pm (point B to C on the map). The change of climate and temperature between the previous city and this one was nothing than obvious.

The first thing to do was to find a restaurant and we found a good one which was very poplular and had a lot of beautiful classic paintings and on its walls with good food too. After the restaurant we found our hotel, which also was very beautiful.

After checking in we head out to the see a pair of beautiful bridges that over the Zayandeh river that flows through the city. We spent the rest of the day walking along the river and around the two bridges (Si-o-seh Pol Bridge and Khaju Bridge).

Si-o-seh Bridge

The Khaju Bridge (Pol-e Khaju )

See all the panoramas from the restaurant, the hotel and the bridges in the Esfahan Gallery at http://stockholm360.net/list.php?id=esfahan

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