Mar 9, 2014

Trekking & Road Trip in Norway - Day 3 (First Trekking)

I was eager to get to a path for some hiking but I thought before I leave Alesund I must have a panorama shot from this town's unique style. So I parked the car somewhere in the center of the town and went out for photographing. Here is the image:

See the 360 panorama here

When I got back to the car, I found what I was afraid of all the time since I had arrived to this town, a f*n parking ticket. I was away just for 30 minutes or so. Anger and rage got up to my head. It made me rethink and ignore all the Art Nouveau stuff. I was not here for walking in towns, so I hit the road and got out of the town, found a place outside the town, on the island of Godoya, safe from tickets and started my first hiking. After half an hour saw a steep track upwards the hill and took it. One hour later, the air and the amazing scenery had made me completely forget about the ticket and got calm again. The ticket felt so far away. Here you can see the scenery up from the path I had been climbing on the island of Godoya.

See the 360 panorama from Godoya here

After three hours I went back to the car which took less than one hour and then drove southwards stopping wherever it looked nice for a coffee or sandwich. In the following you can see the places I stopped at.

On the road to Trollstigen
See the 360 panorama here and here

See the 360 panorama of Storfjorden here

At last I was at the Trollstigen's viewpoint and it was worth the way up to here. It offered the most spectacular view up to now in the trip. 
Trollstigen's viewpoint
See 360 panorama here
See a little downwards in the panorama to see how the road meanders up to this viewpoint.

After seeing Trollstigen I hit the road again and found a picturesque cabin village. This village was fabulous, as from a tale, like a scene from "The Lord of the Ring". It was really amazing. Its surroundings was so beautiful too. I decided to hike along the fabulous path from that village towards the mountain for an hour or so.

See the 360 panorama of the fabulous village here.

Hiking from the fabulous village

Stone bridge from the village

The Path from the village to the mountain

Now it was dark and I had to go the car and find somewhere to sleep. Along the road I found another cabin village. I rented the smallest cabin they had and slept over the night there.

Route of the day (from B to C)

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