Mar 29, 2014

Trekking & Road Trip in Norway - Day 4 (The Great Views)

Waking up in the small cabin by the ray of sun coming through the small window. Got up and out of the cabin, the day was promising with as it was the first sunny day during the trip. 

The small red cabin.
See the 360 degree VR panorama here!

Had my breakfast on the cabin's porch and hit the road. For the first time took the ferry over to cross the Storfjorden, Beautiful.

On the Ferry crossing Storfjorden

On the other side, the ferry on its way back.
Continued on road up in the mountain to see the another magnificent view over Sunnyfjorden.

See the 360 VR panorama here!

Soon after this view was time to take another ferry crossing the Sunny fjord (Sunnyfjorden) and Geirangerfjorden. There was much more clouds in the sky and it was not as blue as in the morning and it seemed the it was getting worse. I decided to not stop and continue to find a good track for trekking. Drove northwards to Norddal and then to Herdalssetra. Parked the car and hit the track. First a small gravel road to Herdalssetra, a Mountain Summer Farm and from there just a small track to the mountains. Now it was completely cloudy. 

On the gravel road.
See the 360 VR panorama here!
On the track.
See the 360 VR panorama here!
After three hours walking it started drizzling. I thought, maybe it is better to go back as the weather has been getting worse and worse during the day and there was a risk for the drizzle to go over to rain. Just a last image and head back to the car. 

It's getting worse, best to go back.
See the 360 VR panorama here!
The downhill walk was much faster and I got to the car before I was completely wet. It was almost dark so I tried to find a place to stay over night and found a very small homely hotel. Checked in and had the dinner there. During the dinner I learned that the hotel had been an old retirement home that had been converted to hotel, it had only ten rooms and I was one the only two guests for that night, spooky but interesting. After the dinner I went directly to sleep...

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