Mar 29, 2014

Trekking & Road Trip in Norway - Day 6 (Road to Bergen)

I woke up in Spiterstulen Mountain station, I had pain in all my body, the mountain walk in the cold rain yesterday didn't seem to had been a good idea and waiting here to wander about today wasn't appealing that morning. So, ate breakfast, started driving towards Bergen. Made a stop at a glacier where people were skiing, took some pictures. It was so cold and I felt extra cold as I was tired and with a T-shirt while people were had full winter outfit skiing. It is so strange, in 30 minutes you drive from the sea level with over 20 Celsius to this place at -10 Celsius. Off course you freeze. Just drive away...

30 minutes later I was in the valley with a lot better temperature.  

See a 360 VR panorama from this valley here!
A very attractive trail that I would dream to walk on but with all the pain everywhere in my body in both muscles and joints, I let it go just drove past. Hope I come back some other time.

I continued driving downwards, and drove through several tunnels and had to wait seveal times for the ferries to take me over the different fjords. It took a log of time waiting for ferries, embarking and driving off.

At last I reached Bergen. I had a friend there, to whom I went.

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